What We Do


Sometimes life can take its toll, but a journey is experienced when you care enough to deliver the very best, wholeheartedly, in spirit & in truth.


      •  Promote Literacy among under-served/under represented groups.
      •  Promote Health & Wellness Awareness: Physical Exercise, Nutritional balance, Emotional Stability & Spiritual Restoration.
      •  Sharing Biblical Gospel truths/faith-based.
      • Prison Ministry.


It is my utmost belief and calling that Jesus Christ has commissioned me: To educate, preach & heal, only by His grace.

Journey of the normal Human Heart

Let me take you in a journey of the normal Human Heart.

The human heart is composed of four major chambers; arteries & veins that connect to every vital articulations of the body. The Journal of American Medicine Association accentuates its detailed function of the anatomy & physiology of the HEART that will help you visualize the meaning & purpose of my business.

The Heart Valves

Four types of valves regulate blood flow through your heart:

          • The tricuspid valve regulates blood flow between the right atrium and right ventricle.
          • The pulmonary valve controls blood flow from the right ventricle into the pulmonary arteries, which carry blood to your lungs to pick up oxygen.
          • The mitral valve lets oxygen-rich blood from your lungs pass from the left atrium into the left ventricle.
          • The aortic valve opens the way for oxygen-rich blood to pass from the left ventricle into the aorta, your body’s largest artery, where it is delivered to the rest of your body.

The Cardiovascular System

Your heart and circulatory system make up your cardiovascular system. Your heart works as a pump that pushes blood to the organs, tissues, and cells of your body. Blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to every cell and removes the carbon dioxide and waste products made by those cells. Blood is carried from your heart to the rest of your body through a complex network of arteries, arterioles, and capillaries. Blood is returned to your heart through venules and veins. If all the vessels of this network in your body were laid end to end, they would extend for about 60,000 miles (more than 96,500 kilometers), which is far enough to circle the planet Earth more than twice!

The one-way circulatory system carries blood to all parts of your body. This process of blood flow within your body is called circulation. Arteries carry oxygen-rich blood away from your heart, and veins carry oxygen-poor blood back to your heart.

In pulmonary circulation, though, the roles are switched. It is the pulmonary artery that brings oxygen-poor blood into your lungs and the pulmonary vein that brings oxygen-rich blood back to your heart.

Twenty major arteries make a path through your tissues, where they branch into smaller vessels called arterioles. Arterioles further branch into capillaries, the true deliverers of oxygen and nutrients to your cells. Most capillaries are thinner than a hair. In fact, many are so tiny, only one blood cell can move through them at a time. Once the capillaries deliver oxygen and nutrients and pick up carbon dioxide and other waste, they move the blood back through wider vessels called venules. Venules eventually join to form veins, which deliver the blood back to your heart to pick up oxygen.


I love the heart system; it brings color, love & joyful demeanor to everyone that enjoys life and is actively pursuing dreams!

I chose TheHeartStringsbyDesign.com because of the various functions of my business intention, just like the human heart, pumping into the different chambers to maintain an optimal level of wellness, health & function; or as we say it in healthcare “to reach an optimal level of vitality and viability,” there must be signs of life, perhaps vital signs indicating normal level of functioning within the Respiratory, Pulse rate, Temperature, Blood Pressure, & Oxygen Saturation readings!

Connection – Networking is one way to establish relationships. To get my point across, I reach out, inclusively, to you, families, neighborhood, within my local community, in church-related functions, working closely with school districts, various county-wide programs, state & federal-related agencies, in acute care settings, in skilled nursing/sub-acute care facilities, in adult residential facilities, at intermediate care facilities, at adult day centers/day programs or Adult Day Healthcare program sites. This helps me to maintain current information, regulations & protocols, best practice policies, in relation to professional partnerships.

Communication – Technology has enriched the way people communicate today. As your Consultant, I use face-to-face, e-mail & telephone systems to assess your specific needs when conducting business & discussing service-delivery process. Accessibility is the KEY for efficient communication line. I consider my communication with you: “Up Close & Personalized.”

Purpose – Efficient, Intelligent, yet Simple & Functional service-delivery system, putting into work my heart & soul, in every aspect of researching, drafting, writing, modifying, completing, and submitting your vision into reality. I want to conclude this statement from Miss Universe 2015 to be “Confident with a heart!” by Pia Alonzo-Wurtzbach.