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The Heartstrings By Design

to believe it is to taste, smell, feel-touch, hear & visualize what is offered on the tip of your fingertips!


Through the methods of informatics, current events and trends, e-books. Your knowledge is widened with the most accurate and trusted information to help you become aware, vigilant & in-touch with your local & global communities.


life’s journey begins with your personal touch. Sharing your unique story. Making a difference in a little girl’s fingerplay; a mother’s perspective; a grandmother’s legacy; a sister’s wisdom.


Your story. A program design. A critical and clinical pathway. A business proposal.

My Story

It began from a simple beginning: a desire to make a difference in people’s lives. Healthcare and social services management are my baseline. However, due to the “demands of the season,” I also opened up in Education, as a Middle School Teacher, and Special Education Behavioral Therapist. All-together, my life extended into Public Relations, Quality of Life Ambassador from¬† long-term care facilities-to-the Airline Industries. My story is a life-long learning journey!

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Welcome Message…

Sometimes it takes a small experience to change an entire day, lasting for a lifetime. Today, you have the opportunity to chose your way of life: chose to be healthy and strong with an opportunity to also earn a living, “no sweat!” Come and join me on this amazing journey to a vibrant, joyful life! Change your life today and make that decision.




A product is only as good as your offer. What I offer with you in your line of work and/or business is unique as your “thumbprint.” So, what’s the big deal? The big deal is your Story. Together, as a Partner, we begin with your unique Story. The product will never be unsurpassed because it is all about You! Let’s begin mapping out your Story.

The Best website with a heart

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Quality WORDS

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Perfect Blend

Best product starts with your unique story. Quality words only come your life adventures, journey, vision, dreams & hope of your business. Perfect blend is the mixture of flavors that makes your WEBSITE colorful and full of promise.


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