Deliver with Care


Your initial contact with me is by phone and or via email. Based on your needs, I will provide clear, concise & current information related to your questions.


My business caters to various services in case management, health care, special education, money management if you require a representative payee trustee, and related social services locally & nationwide.


This service is geared towards parents who have children and/or students with special needs, (3 – 22 years old). I will provide advocacy during the Individual Educational Process, using current IDEA & ADA federal and state regulations.

The Journey to a Life-long commitment of Service

It takes a lifetime to change a bad habit and develop a much healthier approach to an abundant living through faith, balance nutritional intake, learning new things, enjoying beauty all around & sharing the moments with loved ones, family & immediate community, as possible. Share the Love. Laugh loudly. Live freely.

To live a heart-filled life is to lend a hand, serve, educate & listen without hesitation to make a difference today.